If your feeding 100 people or just 10 we can cater to you!  Prices start at just $10 per person and can be delivered anywhere in the city. Would you like the food truck to deliver or be the source of catering? We can do that too! Don't have the office feeling bloated or fatigued this holiday, have healthy meal planned. We have both boxed lunches, and full spread catering. Call  for details! Click our catering link above!


Nothing's sweeter than a fresh red apple or crisp carrots from your own backyard. Our food is the next best thing. By being the little guy we can take those extra steps to insure freshness and flavor, flavor you can taste in every bite.

purchase locally

freshness & flavor

We pride ourselves on serving locally grown produce and organic quality when possible. We believe that our little piece of the world is just as important as the big picture, so helping local farmers is important to us.